November - Men's, Winter Warmers and Chocolate.

As October passes, and we bid goodbye to the abnormally warm weather and the frightfulness of Halloween, we say hello to the bite of Winter and the beginning of the Christmas frenzy.

Winter Warmers

With this cold weather brings a need to wrap up warm, and this year at Start and Tremayne we aren’t holding back on the amount of stylish but suitable offerings we have for people of all ages.

Let's start with the kids, our latest additions to the children's winter range are the superb Powder woolly hats that are made to look like animals, such as reindeers and cats. At £15 the quality of the product makes them fantastic gifts, or just an investment in keeping your child's head warm and comfortable for the entirety of winter! Matching mittens are also available for £12, and if you’re wishing you were a child again, so that you could also wear them, then don’t worry, they come in adults sizes too, £28 for the hats and £22 for the gloves.

For the adults this year we are spoilt for choice, with ladies wraps and ponchos available in all three of our stores, it is now possible to stay warm and look super stylish at this years Christmas Party or any other Winter event you might be attending. A perfect accompaniment to a Winter wedding outfit if I may say so myself, ranging in price from £19.99 to £65.00.


It is important to remember that although Start and Tremayne is best known for its bags and

New canvas Golla backpack, £89.

leather goods for ladies, we also have a fantastic and constantly growing men’s section in each of our three locations. Recent arrivals include brilliant gift ideas, and also some outstanding quality business bags and backpacks direct from the Finnish brand Golla. In my view, I think that they are the highest quality items we have across all our outlets. With the canvas backpacks starting at £89, these are something that you truly would not be disappointed with if you were looking for a durable bag for all uses. The rest of the range includes leather laptop bags in black and brown, and a stunning black leather backpack for those of you looking to really indulge yourself or a loved one this November, retailing at £310.

Staying with the Winter theme, our men’s sections also contain a great choice of leather winter gloves, woolly hats and thick scarfs.

Winter Hats Are Only Knitted

When you think winter hats, the first thing that comes to mind is a woolly hat that may or may not have a bobble on top. Am I right? Well throughout 2018 we have seen a lot more emphasis on hats not just being used to keep your head warm or hair out the way but to complete outfits for both men and women. For men, if the Peaky Blinders hype of the last couple of years has got you minded to find a decent flat cap then we have the answer, and for ladies the arrival of Spanish brand Abbacino in the early Autumn, means you can now choose from a great selection of hats and other accessories inspired by the mediterranean.

Best Part of Christmas?

Now this may be a little early, but ask yourself “what’s one of the best things about the festive

Our new supplier, Choc on Choc's delicious chocolate brussel sprouts.

season?” The presents? The time with the family? Or how about the enormous amount of chocolate that gets consumed? Thought so! Well here at Start and Tremayne we have just taken on a new supplier of chocolate, and some pretty outrageous festive items have recently been delivered with chocolate brussel sprouts and carrots at the top of the list. Don’t worry they are not brussel sprouts covered in chocolate they’re just chocolates in the shape of them, and they are the only sprouts you’ll catch me eating, that’s for sure. Alongside this, some Prosecco and Gin chocolate advent calendars are now in store and are something a little different to get you through until Christmas Day, both selling at £16.99, they could be a great secret Santa present if it’s within budget. But if it’s just a little taste you want, there are chocolate cows and reindeer from as little as £6.99; available in all of our stores.

Gin infused advent calendar from Choc on Choc, available in all stores for £16.99.

New Arrivals in the Bag Isle

As previously mentioned, we are known for our bags and leather goods, and it would be silly not to comment on some of the latest additions we have had over the last month as well as the big news we have moving forward.

One of many new key rings to arrive from Yoshi.

October has seen the arrival of brand new Yoshi, their fantastic quality leather bags are designed in Lichfield and are an extremely affordable option with bags starting at £60. Along with purses and keyrings we have a great choice of products from them, and the keyrings have ‘unique stocking filler’ written all over them.

Brand new Gianni Conti has also been delivered. This Italian leather bag and purse company has some stunning new arrivals for both ladies and men providing us with more top end product that we missed for a period at the start of the Autumn. These have been moving quickly so my advice to you, if you’re interested, would be to get down to one of our three stores soon!

Which brings me onto the big news we have moving forward. Radley is back! There has been some debate over when it was actually going to be available in store, but we are now happy to confirm that it will be with us by the end of November, finally!


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